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Welcome to the New Cool Series
Written By:

Award Winning Author

Jacqueline Crann

Discover the Magic of Jacqueline Crann's Children's Books

Jacqueline Crann is an author who brings light and joy to the world of children's literature. Jacqueline's stories help encourage young readers with their social and emotional skills. Each story has an important lesson, while receiving an inspiring and powerful message.They're filled with vibrant illustrations, diverse characters so every child can see themselves. Whether it's a story of friendship, kindness, honesty, or self-love Jacqueline's books offers something for every child to enjoy.

About Jacqueline Crann

Jacqueline Crann was born and raised in Sheffield, England. She studied Education whilst in college and later ventured off to the United States where she found her passion for writing.

Jacqueline's love for children's literacy grew over the years and she has written several children's books. Her latest book, Sharing Is The New Cool, which will be part of a series was inspired by her two wonderful boys. Jacqueline believes that it's never to early to teach a child to be kind, to have empathy, compassion and consideration towards others. Her future passion is to spread kindness through literacy. And she wants every child to see themselves in her books. Her goal is to empower young children with a simple message that will inspire their hearts, minds, and lives.

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